About Us

At MyHotTub.com, we create the most enjoyable and complete hot tub experience possible. We begin with our high-quality made-in-the-USA hot tubs, but we don’t stop there… offering spa accessories, parts, installation, service and an attentive customer service team. Shop with confidence online or in our stores. MyHotTub.com makes it easy!

MyHotTub.com is a global leader in the spa industry and one of the largest spa manufacturers in the world. Every affordable luxury spa is proudly custom-built in Central Pennsylvania. We are able to provide hot tubs that are luxurious and stylish to fit any lifestyle and budget.

MyHotTub.com has the answers to your hot tub questions! We have an extensive customer service network that is trained to answer your hot tub questions.

MyHotTub.com service technicians provide the proper service through our expansive network of factory-authorized local service technicians to ensure our customers can continue to enjoy their hot tub for years to come. Our center can assist customers in scheduling service calls and answer questions about any hot tub parts and accessories that are needed for your hot tub.

MyHotTub.com exclusively offers customers substantial savings and time by selling directly online and from our retail locations. In addition, customers enjoy our product warranty honored directly from MyHotTub.com.

MyHotTub.com operates in a “Lean and Green” model in the overall manufacturing process in the design and construction of your unique spa. We ensure an environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient spa every time, which affords us the ability to provide customers with additional savings and decreased operating costs.

MyHotTub.com is so confident and passionate about the quality of our products and our exceptional customer service that we offer a 90 Day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee/Return Policy.